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History of Nalanda Medical College

An informal meeting was held at the residence of Sri Krishna Kant Singh on 15th Jan. 70 and it was attended by the following: —

  i) Dr. Madhusudan Das
 ii) Dr. Vijay Narain Singh
iii) S. M. Nawab
iv) Sri Nand Kishore Singh
 v) Sri Krishna Kant Singh

It was decided to open Medical College at Patna. Many names were suggested but ultimately Nalanda Medical College was choosen. An office was open in the Premises of Rashtravani Press building, Budh Marg on 27th Jan. 70. On 1st Feb. 70 the office was shifted to the premises of Patliputra Cold Storage on Kankarbagh Road, Patna.

Admission forms - for 69-70 batch was printed in Yogi Press, Budh Marg, Patna. Nalanda Medical College Society was formed to run this college and the founder member of society were Dr. V. N. Singh, Sri Krishna Kant Singh & Madusudan Das co-opted member of society were Dr. S. K. Sinha, Dr. Y. K. Sinha, Dr. Masubul Haque, Dr. S. S. Mahmood Sahu, Dr. Satya Narayan Sinha, Dr. damoder Pc, Sri Sardar Harihar Pd. Singh Ex-C.M. Bihar; Dr. D. K. Bose, Dr. A. K. N. Sinha, Mrs. Meera Singh Elder member of society were Dr. S. K. G. Dastidar, Dr,. Raghunath Sharan, Dr. A. K. Guha , Dr. M. A. Hai, Dr. U. P. Sinha, Dr. Madan Prasad.

The 1st batch of 69-70 classes started from 2nd April 70 in the premises of Patliputra Cold Storage, Kankarbagh. Patna, Dr. V. N. Singh was the founder Principal of this college but he died on 7th April 70. After his death Dr. S. K. Sinha became principal of this college.

The 1st meeting of Governing Council was held on 5th August 70 in which Dr. M. Das was elected as a chairman and Sri Krishna Kant Singh as a secretary. The N. M. C. society was registed under society registration act and its no. was 28 of 1971. An ordinary G.B. Meeting was held on 24.4.71 to change the name of the society from N.M.C. society to N.M.C. Association. On 4.6.71 Govt. allowed to use Patna City Hospital. Temporary affiliation for two years was granted by Magadh University in Nov. 70. Subject to the approval by Bihar State University Commission.The commission inspected the college on 15.6.71 and imposed restriction that the 1st M.B.B.S. examination of 6.9.70 batch should not be held beforeApril 72 and 2nd batch before Dec. 72.

The 1st batch classes started on 2nd April 70 and 1st M.B.B.S. examination was held on July 72. Dr. S. K. Sinha Principal of College on request he was relieved from the post of Principal and Dr. N. K. Choudhary Prof. Pharmacology joined as Principal on 25.11.72. On Feb, 75. O.P.D. was inaugrated in college premises by Dr. V. N. Sinha, President M.C.I., and hospital pharmacy was inaugurated by Hon'ble Health minister Mr. Bindeshwari Dubey, M.C.I. Inspected the college on 28.7.75. Inspectore were Dr. H. I. Jhala, M.D. RFCP, DTM from Bombay and Dr. S. P. Srivastava, M.S. FRCS from Agra. The Inspectors were fully satisfied in regards to equipment & staff of the college. A New Governing Council was constituted on 31.1.76 with following members.

  1. Dr. M. Das
  2. Sri K. K. Singh
  3. Dr. S. K. Sinha
  4. Dr. D. P. Sinha
  5. Dr. A. K. N. Sinha
  6. Dr. G. P. Sharma
  7. Dr. N. K. Choudhary
  8. Dr. Sardar Harihar Pd. Singh, Ex-C.M.
  9. Dr. A. K. Guha
10. Sri Bhola Paswan Shastri, Ex-C.M.
11. Dr. S. N. Choudhary
12. Dr. M. Prasad.

On 9.2.76 Governing Council of N.M.C. was disolved by the order of Registrar Magadh University, Gaya vide memo no., 479-98 dated 9.2.76 and adhoc committee consisting of the following persons was constituted to manage the affairs of college.

1. Commissioner, Patna Division
2. D. M., Patna.
3. Principal, N.M.C.

Board of control was notified on 31.5.76 as a chairman Sri S. Prasad and its 1st meeting was held on 15.6.76 and it was attended by Sri S. Prasad Chairman Dr. Y. K. Sinha, State Director Health & Dr. N. K. Choudhary Principal N.M.C., After Sri S. Prasad following were Chairman of Board of Control :—

1. V. N.Singh-2.4.70 to 7.4.70
2. Dr. S. K. Sinha - 9.4.70 to 24.11.72
3. Dr. N. K. Choudhary-25.11.72 to 3.2.77
4. Dr. S. M. Ghodh - 4.2.77 to 31.12.77
5. Dr. D. N. Sharma - 1.4.78 to 31.8.78
6. Dr. D. P. Sinha - 1.9.78 to 31.1.82
7. Dr. D. P. Dutta - 1.2.82 to 21.9.82 & 1.8.86 to 31.10.86
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